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4029 Clay Ranch Ln.

Bellville, Texas 77418 

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TEL: (979) 865-5897

E-MAIL:  manager@coushatteranch.com

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Coushatte Recreation Ranch, a lovely, green and rustic place to call home.

Come on out and stay a while.


Camping RV:     $26.00
Tent Camping:  $15.00
Daily Storage:   $5.00


$156.00 per Week


Free WiFi for campers


30 Amp: $475.00

50 Amp: $500.00


Monthly Long Term Lease

          6 Month Term

Prices as of September 1, 2017

Mobile Homes  –  $250.00 per month

Camper Trailers – $250.00 per month

Security Deposit –$250.00

Electric Deposit – $100.00

Water Deposit  –  $50.00

Lot Application Fee – $50.00

Storage Rates
Plan One

RV ONLY $145.00 a month with camper unplugged while vacant. 6 free days.

When occupied, after 6 days must pay daily camper rates $24.00.

Plan Two

RV ONLY $170.00 a month with camper plugged in for use of refrigerator only.  6 free days. When occupied after 6 days must pay daily camper rates $24.00.

Plan Three

RV & ELECTRIC METER INSTALLED $145.00 a month with electric meter. Charging golf carts or any other use of electricity.

$50.00 installation fee charged when meter installed. Meter read at the beginning and at the end of each month. A charge of $0.13 a kilowatt will be charged for the amount of electricity used. 10 free days of camping per month. After 10 days must pay daily camper rates $12.00 per day.